Published on October 1, 2020 | Updated on December 11, 2020

LDigital Foundation

Created in 2016, the LDigital collective brings together more than a hundred local players in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, invested on the issue of the presence of women in the digital world. In January 2018, this collective became the LDigital Foundation, hosted by the Foundation for the Université de Lyon.

The goal is to promote the inclusion of women for a fairer and more efficient digital economy. Thanks to the involvement of numerous volunteers and its partners, the LDigital Foundation develops concrete actions for girls, women and businesses. Its missions are to raise awareness about this topic, to connect the digital needs of companies and women’s talents and to bring about change.

The activities of the LDigital Foundation are structured around four major themes:
  • BRING TOGETHER: Help coordinate collective actions in order to pool energies and tools and deploy more impactful actions in favor of the place of women in the digital world.
  • RAISE AWARENESS: Coordinate youth initiatives, both in and out of school, from kindergarten to university. These awareness-raising actions are designed to introduce young people to computer code and help them discover the range of digital professions.
  • SUPPORT: Help working women and women in professional transition benefit from the opportunities offered by the digital professions.
  • ENCOURAGING and PROMOTING gender diversity in corporate digital professions: To this end, the Foundation organizes events dedicated to women to introduce them to a range of digital professions through testimonials from professionals. The organization of these collaborative workshops creates favorable conditions for participants to get to know each other, exchange and share common issues and solutions. The LDigital Foundation also publishes profiles of women with inspiring career paths and who have made a career in digital technology online: you can discover them here.
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