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3D Plastronics

Crossing paths between plastic processing and electronics, plastronics has an extended potential for innovation in a number of industries. Plastronics offers the opportunity to develop connected objects and embedded electronics for use in new and exciting industries, such as autonomous vehicles and connected health.

This emerging field requires technical skills specific to the interface between numerous disciplines (electronics, materials science, chemistry, etc.) and offers new employment opportunities.

The Foundation for the Université de Lyon helps INSA Lyon, CPE Lyon and Lycée Arbez Carme with the engineering and fundraising to develop training programs for students and professionals (3D Plastronics Project).

It carries out this actions in close collaboration with Allizé Plasturgie within the framework of the project labelled Investments for the Future Program (PIA) The Plast To be.

A range of technical and scientific partners are involved, including the Ampère laboratory, which is currently developing a technical platform "Plastronics and Advanced Packaging" in the framework of this project.

Several companies support this project through financial or in-kind sponsorship.

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