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Vision, missions, ambitions

  • To contribute to the outreach of the Université de Lyon and its territory, internationally and on the Lyon Saint-Étienne site.
  • To host foundations in the fields of research, training, innovation, as well as foundations carrying social and societal initiatives;
  • To support the Université de Lyon in the incubation and the development of ideas and projects;
  • To pool skills.
  • To develop and organize a fruitful cooperation between the stakeholders of knowledge and development in the Lyon Saint-Étienne area, particularly between the economic sector and the higher education and research sector;
  • To promote knowledge transfer and the economic development of the Lyon Saint-Étienne site;
  • To encourage projects enabling cohesion and legibility of the Lyon Saint-Étienne site, including at the international level;
  • To implement the conditions for success of projects in Lyon and Saint-Étienne which serve university development;
  • To contribute to the scientific, economic, social and cultural development of the Lyon Saint-Étienne site, and to foster the development of collaborations with other universities and economic hubs at the regional, national and international levels.