Published on October 1, 2020 | Updated on November 17, 2020

French Institute for Non-Profit Organizations

The French Institute for Non-Profit Organizations was created in January 2019 under the aegis of the Foundation for the Université de Lyon. Set up in Lyon on the initiative of Simone André, a Lyon personality who devoted 76 years of his life to the development and influence of associations, The French Institute for Non-Profit Organizations aims to have the contribution of associations to society and democracy recognized as widely as possible and to meet the knowledge needs expressed by the world of associations.

Enriching knowledge about associations: a fundamental issue

An enriched knowledge of associations is a key issue to promote their contribution to society and democracy, support changes, and take into account their specific modes of operation.

Activities of the Institute

To carry out its ambitions, the Institute implements various tools:
  • A call for research projects on associative fact;
  • Two stakeholder-researcher working groups;
  • Regular regional meetings of associations and research;
  • A consultation on the issues and knowledge needs of the associative world;
  • A census and a highlighting of the writings on the associative fact.
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